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How to Style Oversized Shirts: A Fashion Maven’s Guide

What is trending these days for females ……Oversized Shirts. Casual, cosy, comfortable, fashionable, and unique style are some Gen-Z statements. Oversized shirts can be your go-to outfit option whether you’re going for a casual or stylish appearance. From graphic tee to classic button shirt or oversized hoodie to sweaters, is the perfect blend of comfort and style. The right way to wear an oversized shirt is a must. Otherwise, you will stand out, and that to not in a good way! One should always learn how to wear an oversized shirt to make a casual but stylish statement when you’re too lazy to dress up. But first one has to know the vibes. Comfy or glam. Scroll down to check out all the styling ideas and dressing tips! So let’s start to build our wardrobe with a few oversized shirts. Scroll down to check out!

Knot With Style

This type of style looks casual but stylish with a knot in front. One can wear a long skirt or trousers with a knotted shirt. Wear a knot-styled oversized shirt with shorts to give street-style vibes. Pair it with sandals or sneakers for carefree summers.

Knot styleknot style









Classic With Modern Touch

Wear an oversized shirt with a blazer, this is casual but with a blazer, it gives a formal and classic look. Prefer to go for black and white – well coordinated together.

oversized shirt

shirt with blazer

shirt and blazer








Wear As A Dress

For the stylish urban look you can wear an oversized shirt as a dress, accessorize it with long boots or just strappy stilettos will give you a perfect look.

shirt as dress

shirt as dress

shirt as dress

Tucked And Style

Just tucking in the oversized shirt makes a lot of difference to your appearance. it helps to create shape and length for your legs. Going for a night out – pair it with a chunky necklace and jacket and get the compliments ……

Tuck In

Tuck InTuck in








Effortlessly Cool

The oversized shirt looks sporty with denim. It can be styled with loose or wide–leg denim and add dunks or white sneakers for a cool trendy look.











Try an oversized shirt as a jacket … Unbuttoned with rolled sleeves. Going to the beach it can layered over the bralette but if thought of office then a simple tank top will do the work.

layering layeringlayering









Easy And Peasy

Just add a little spice….. Unbutton at the top and let one side fall, popping your collarbone. You can pair it with your pearl earrings and fancy sandals.

easy easy










Cinch It

A style saviour- belted oversized shirt. Simple waist chains, belts or even corset tops are the best choice for cinching an oversized shirt at the waist.

cinch it

cinch it cinch it









Make It Simple

If you like a neutral look go for a simple white or beige or any colour oversized shirt with skirt or pants.




Just Two

For a sexy and sleek look try an oversized shirt with knee-length boots which is in trend nowadays. Wearing an oversized shirt looks stunning and compliments your body shape.

shirt with boots shirt with boots

shirt with boots


An oversized shirt is the most versatile item in anyone’s wardrobe. With a wide range of colours and styles, oversized shirts can create many outfits like classy, street-style casual in effortless ways. As we all know fashion trends are never constant so for a distinctive look and style change is a must. Oversized shirts are said to be lifesavers in any of the seasons like in summer loose and lightweight and in winter can be paired with sweaters, vests and jackets to give you warmth. In this blog, we have tried to help you out with different styles to wear your oversized shirt effortlessly. Do try these out ……


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