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What is russian manicure – Is it safe ?

This blog is especially for those who follow the latest trends in nail art. Recently Russian manicure has gained a lot of attention

This manicure is believed to stem from the impeccable, refined appearance achieved by Russian nail technicians.

 What is a Russian Manicure?

 A Russian manicure is a process to beautify your nails without soaking in water i.e. dry manicure. This technique involves exceedingly precise cuticle work, frequently employing a nail drill and specialized equipment to meticulously cleanse and remove excess skin surrounding the nail bed.


Russian Manicure

 In contrast to conventional nail salons, where your hands undergo immersion in warm water to soften dead skin cells, followed by the utilization of push-back tools to trim cuticles, It employs electric nail bits for cuticle refinement. As per the nail technician “First, we cleanse the nail bed with one type of drill bit, then remove the cuticle with a second type of drill bit. The third step involves polishing the nail bed and shaping it to your desired form.”

russian manicure

 Once the cuticles are meticulously cleaned, the next step is nail polishing. Before applying coloured polish, a distinct base coat (exclusively used for Russian manicures) is applied. The choice of base coat depends on the strength of your nails. Subsequently, gel polish is meticulously applied using an artist’s brush and sealed with a topcoat.

 Russian Gel Manicure

 While the Russian Manicure process may appear similar to that of a Russian Gel Manicure, there exists a fundamental difference in technique. Gel Manicure typically utilize high-quality gel polish to ensure optimal results.” The products are of the best quality for longevity,. “The polish is applied next to the cuticle to ensure that there is no appearance of regrowth. Because of its detailed process, it takes about 2-3 hrs for a manicure.

  Benefits of a Russian Manicure

russian nail

 The Russian gel manicure, though more time-consuming and expensive compared to a traditional manicure, offers several notable advantages:

  • Extended Manicure Lifespan: Russian manicure can maintain their pristine appearance for up to four weeks, depending on the rate of cuticle growth. The dry exfoliation process for cuticle care prevents premature cuticle growth, resulting in a manicure that lasts an average of 3-4 weeks.
  • Promotes Healthier Nails: The dry exfoliation process around the nails and nail bed encourages healthier nail growth as your nails are clean for the rest of the month.Promotes Healthier Nails: The dry exfoliation process around the nails and nail bed encourages healthier nail growth as your nails are clean for the rest of the month.
  • Natural Product Usage: In a Russian manicure you can play with lots of nail polish colours as they don’t have any acrylic or gel base polishes. To get natural and elegant looks go for this Russian manicure.

 How expensive is the Russian Manicure?

  The Russian manicure is quite expensive, it may vary from $60 and $70, (around 6K to 7K INR) depending on the salon. Nail art can add to your cost.

  Russian nails can be more expensive than traditional or regular gel manicures, which may cost around $50, (around 5K INR ) and acrylic nails $40 (around 4K INR ). Seeing the benefits of Russian manicure like cleanliness, health benefits of nails and of course the approach one thinks to add this expense.

  Russian Nails and Pedicure

Russian Nails and Pedicure


To extend the grooming of toenails one can go for a Russian gel pedicure as it applies the same procedure and techniques it takes special care for toenails as they are often confined within shoes, leading to issues such as ingrown toenails or different growth patterns. In cases like these more care is required, in exfoliation, skin trimming, and the application of polish. Due to these factors, Russian pedicures take more time than normal pedicures but with highly satisfying results.

Russian mani and pedicure

  Russian Manicure is safe….?

 Russian manicure is said to be safe as it gives healthier nail growth.

Compared to acrylic nails, Russian manicure can be a healthier choice as compared to acrylic nails as it gives a more natural and elegant appearance.

 As Russian manicures are gaining popularity, we must recognize that this method demands specialized training and equipment sterilization. As this type of manicure is not available everywhere one should consider to choose good a reputable salon that possesses expertise in this technique. Before going for this manicure one should inquire about their specialized training, years of experience and the verification of their use of sterilized equipment. If you have any doubts, it’s perfectly acceptable to gracefully decline and seek services elsewhere.

   Conclusion: Is a Russian Manicure Worth It?

  When it comes to pampering yourself one should definitely go for a Russian manicure and pedicure. One can see the result in healthier, more natural-looking nails that can lift your spirits whenever you look upon them. Consider treating yourself to a Russian manicure and pairing it with your daily makeup routine.

what is a russian manicure

 In summary, while a Russian manicure may be more time-consuming and costly compared to a traditional manicure, it gives you wonderful results. Its scrupulous approach and use of high-quality products make it a superior choice for those seeking long-lasting, beautiful nails while prioritizing nail health.

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